Social life is taking a short break.

To help fight off cabin fever, ARTE Concert, together with “United We Stream,” is bringing the Brighton club scene to your living room.

Help slow the spread of COVID-19 by following these simple rules.


stay home

Protect yourself and others and only go out of the house for errands.
Open the windows regularly and let the sun in!

wash your hands

Ideally with soap and water – and for at least 20 seconds!

hands off

Shaking hands and hugging are out – contactless greetings are in.
And don’t touch your face!

keep your distance

Avoid crowds and keep a distance of at least 2 meters.

stay connected

Social distancing yes, social isolation no.
Keep in touch with your loved ones – whether by phone or via digital channels.

keep calm

Trusted reputable and scientific sources
and don’t let the panic infect you.

stream ARTE Concert

Being at home does not mean giving up everything. Enjoy our regular programme of music, arts and culture

Be strong and stay healthy – together we can get through this!